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From "David Weintraub" <>
Subject Re: Need to compile VB project
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 13:32:35 GMT
I am still confused with what you need:

* Do you have an ant script that does a whole bunch of stuff, and
there is this one compile that also needs to be done, but you're not
quite sure how to do it?

* Or, someone told you that Ant is the way to go, and you need to
rewrite how you do your build, so you're using Ant?

If it is the later, it would be silly to use Ant. The best you could
do is an Ant script that would simply call the same script you used
before. In the end, you're calling additional processes, complicating
your build process for no particular reason, and adding more places
where errors will occur. Maintenance would become more complex too.

You said that the URL did not help much. Which URL? There is the Ant
manual at and the URL I gave you for
Nant. There is also the Ant tutorial at which
really helps bring everything together.

Also, it is sort of difficult in understanding exactly what you want.
Do you want us to write the whole build script for you, or just help
you understand some of the concepts needed, so you can do the task on
your own? Do you have any understanding of any of the concepts in Ant
(Like Tasks and Targets), how XML is used in Build scripts? Do you
need a starting point in using Ant? Are you planning on using Ant in
other projects?

As people have already pointed out, you can use the <exec> task to
execute what you're already  doing. As I mentioned before, this really
isn't using Ant for anything that couldn't be done simpler and easier
in a shell or BAT script.

Please let us know exactly what you are looking for. Remember that
most of us on this list are consultants who charge a pretty penny for
this type of work. We are more than happy to help out people who need
help. After all, asking for help and getting help is how we learned
our art. But, please remember that this is our craft. If you are
learning Ant, or are having a problem understanding a particular
concept or need help getting started, most of us would be glad to lend
you a hand.

However, if you are not interested in Ant and simply want someone to
write an Ant script for you, then hire someone to do that task. Doing
builds and releases is my career and is how I pay my rent, put food on
my table, and send my kids through college.

On 10/1/07, Sayed, Irfan (Irfan) <> wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. I have gone through the URL but did not get much.
> Need to execute following command in Ant' build.xml
> M:\cc_mv_test\v_agentapi\Develop\VB Server>"c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual St
> udio\VB98\VB6.EXE" -make Moagent32.vbp c:\test.dll -out c:\build_log.txt
> Please help in how to write in build.xml.
> Regards
> Irfan.
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> Subject: AW: Need to compile VB project
> Have a look at Ants DotNet AntLib
> Jan
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> >
> >Ant isn't really built for compiling VB6 projects. Its main purpose is
> >for compiling Java code and projects. As far as I know, there is no
> >compile Visual Basic script based tasks in Ant. The way to do that is
> >to call the "exec" task to call your compilation script.
> >
> >You might want to look at Nant which is the .NET version of Ant. This
> >version of Ant is specially built to build Microsoft specific projects
> >and includes tasks for compiling VisualStudio projects written in C#,
> >C++, and Visual Basic.
> >
> >See <> for more information.
> >
> >On 9/30/07, Sayed, Irfan (Irfan) <> wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >> Hi All,
> >>
> >> I need to write Ant build script which will compile the VB6 project.
> >> Currently the build script is in batch file I need to
> >convert it into the
> >> Ant script. Please find the attached batch script.
> >>  Can somebody please help me out in writing the same.
> >>
> >> I will  be Regards
> >> Irfan.
> >>
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David Weintraub

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