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From "David Weintraub" <>
Subject Re: My first build with ant failed
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 14:14:05 GMT
As others have pointed out, you're missing a couple of quotes. I
recommend that you do the following:

* Put each parameter for a task on a separate line. It makes missing
quotes easier to see.
* Use an editor that does syntax highlighting. When editors do syntax
highlighting, quoted text is usually a different color than task
parameters. I use Vim, and I have it configured so that task names
show up in yellow, parameters to the tasks show up in green, and
quoted text shows up in red. I would easily spot this error because
"destdir" should be green since it is a task parameter, but it will
show up in red because it is part of the quoted text.

Good syntax highlighting editors include Emacs and Vim which both come
on Linux boxes. If you have a Sun box, and Vim or Emacs aren't
installed, ask you system admin to install then. They can be found at already packaged and precompiled. If you
use Windows, go to for the latest copy of Vim. Also
take a look at SciTES at

Syntax highlighting editors can save you hours of frustration from
piddling mistakes like misspelled keywords or missing quotes.

On 10/8/07, Mohammad Khan <> wrote:
> below is the part of my build.xml
>    <target name="clean">
>         <delete dir="${targetdir}"/>
>     </target>
>     <target name="init" depends="clean">
>         <mkdir dir="${targetdir}"/>
>     </target>
>     <target name="copy-resources" depends="clean, init">
>         <copy todir="${targetdir}">
>             <fileset dir="${sourcedir}">
>                 <exclude name="**/*.java"/>
>             </fileset>
>         </copy>
>     </target>
>     <target name="compile" depends="clean, init, copy-resources">
>         <javac srcdir="${sourcedir} destdir=${targetdir}"
> classpathref="libraries"/>
>     </target>
> ant returned:
> srcdir "/home/user/project/src destdir=/home/user/project/bin" does not
> exist!
> I see both src and bin directory exist in my project root.
> Would anybody give a light on it?
> Thanks,
> Mohammad
> --
> "Proper planning prevents poor performance."
> - Anonymous

David Weintraub

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