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From <>
Subject AW: antrc & ant.conf files
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 06:39:16 GMT
> I understand that ~/.antrc and ~/.ant/ant.conf are parsed when Ant is

> called from the command line. I also understand that these files can  
> include ANT_OPTS and ANT_ARGS parameters.

These file are executed by the wrapper scripts.
Therefore you can have a look into them to see what exactly you can do.

  # load system-wide ant configuration (ONLY if ANT_HOME has NOT been
  if [ -z "$ANT_HOME" -o "$ANT_HOME" = "/usr/share/ant" ]; then
      if [ -f "/etc/ant.conf" ] ; then
          . /etc/ant.conf

  # load user ant configuration
  if [ -f "$HOME/.ant/ant.conf" ] ; then
    . $HOME/.ant/ant.conf
  if [ -f "$HOME/.antrc" ] ; then
    . "$HOME/.antrc"

So i think you could also set ANT_HOME (btw - have you tried that?)

> Can these files also include a definition for ANT_HOME?

I think it should - just try that out.

> Could someone please confirm the correct syntax for these items.
> The things I want to do are:
> 1. Set ANT_HOME

see above

> 2. Set a memory requirement for ANT_OPTS

possible (and intented)

> 3. Use the -lib property to point to the DITA Toolkit lib, and set a  
> property known as 'DITA_DIR'.

possible, set ANT_ARGS


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