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From "Prateek Asthana" <>
Subject FileSet behavior
Date Sun, 11 May 2008 01:30:26 GMT
This is to understand fileset attribute behavior. Definition of
FileSet is that it is a group of files.

My observation about Fileset is that depending upon the context it
behaves differently. I have given two scenarios below. Please help me
understand correctly.

First scenario:

   <path id="temp1">
       <fileset dir="${module.testautomap.basedir}">

    Above case, temp1 only contains files even though base directory
has empty directories. So I assume, fileset only returns files and not
empty directory.

Second Scnarios:
<copy todir="${testautomap.output.dir}">
           <fileset dir="${module.testautomap.basedir}/src">

In the second scenario, even empty directories are copied implying
fileset even returns empty directories.

In fact we also have a selector <type type="file"> that can be used
with fileset. So I am confused as to what all does fileset return.
Does it return only files or also directories? If both, why does my
first scenario only print files and not directories.


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