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From <>
Subject AW: parallel targets
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2008 13:10:17 GMT
>I'm using ant in cruise control and I'm having trouble defining my
target order.
>I have a project with single 'init' target and multiple independent
>I couldn't find the syntax that runs the 'init' target and 
>only after its
>success runs the other target independently.
>meaning - run the next target regardless to the previous 
>target's success.
>I only know a way to run one dependent on the other.
><target name="target_B" depends="target_A">
>this way, if target_a fails - all the other targets won't run.

I dont know what "success" means for you and how you check that.
But you could let the build <fail> if you have any problems.


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