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From Ward Van Looy <>
Subject RE: sound task - either not doing anything or infinitely looping
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2008 21:03:50 GMT

Thanks for replying; I've updated to the latest driver version of my sound card but no change.
I didn't think the problem would be in that area actually; I have a relatively recent card
I have no audio problems in any other kind of applications. But it was worth a try; appreciate
the response.
I was (and kinda still am) assuming the problem would be more on the Java/Ant side, specifically
something with the buildFinished listener the sound task sets to hook into the end of a build.
Unfortunately -debug doesn't provide any info about that as far as I can tell. 
I guess the only thing I could try is to find out exactly how the task plays the sounds, and
reproduce that in a standalone Java app to (dis)prove the problem is purely inside Ant. If
I get around to doing that I'll post back.
In the meantime, here's hoping someone else has ever stumbled upon the same symptoms and found
the exact cause and/or a solution.

Best regards,

> From:
> To:
> Subject: RE: sound task - either not doing anything or infinitely looping
> Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2008 11:43:40 -0500
> First thing I would check is to make sure the SoundCard vendor's driver is installed
and working
> Nota Bene: All of the available (Sound) drivers are supposed to be located in windows
/INF folder
> I know my vendor's SC is so outdated that it wont work with any of the newer OS's
> Martin 
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>> From:
>> To:
>> Subject: sound task - either not doing anything or infinitely looping
>> Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2008 12:59:39 +0100
>> I'm getting what I think is very strange behaviour from the sound task. As I understand
it, this is supposed to play sounds at the end of a build, depending on whether the build
failed or not.
>> My first attempt came down to simply this:
>> This results in absolutely nothing being played, regardless of build success or failure.
I am positive that the files are in the correct location and that there is nothing out of
the ordinary with them.
>> I then started playing around with the attributes, and found that if I set the duration
to anything other than "0", for example:
>> This results in the sound being infinitely repeated, keeping the Ant process from
ever terminating until I kill it.
>> The value of "duration" doesn't have any influence on the behaviour; except when
it's set to 0 in which case again nothing at all happens (as expected). The value of "loops"
does not have any impact at all.
>> I used several different wav files and they all yield the same result.
>> I tried the sound task in all possible locations (inside an "init" target on which
everything else depends, inside its own target, at top level), and the result is always the
>> Running with -verbose and -debug didn't yield anything relevant.
>> For completeness' sake, I'm running on Windows XP SP2, with jdk1.6.0_10 and ant-1.7.1.
>> Summing up, without optional attributes nothing happens; with any strictly positive
duration it loops forever. As far as I could google and search this and other mailing lists,
no-one else has ever reported this problem. I'm at a complete loss, I think for the first
time ever... on what seemed like a simple and fun icing on the cake of finishing up a script,
and d'oh! :-)
>> Thanks in advance for any tips,
>> Best regards,
>> Ward
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