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From Ward Van Looy <>
Subject sound task - either not doing anything or infinitely looping
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2008 11:59:39 GMT

I'm getting what I think is very strange behaviour from the sound task. As I understand it,
this is supposed to play sounds at the end of a build, depending on whether the build failed
or not.
My first attempt came down to simply this:


This results in absolutely nothing being played, regardless of build success or failure. I
am positive that the files are in the correct location and that there is nothing out of the
ordinary with them.
I then started playing around with the attributes, and found that if I set the duration to
anything other than "0", for example:





This results in the sound being infinitely repeated, keeping the Ant process from ever terminating
until I kill it.

The value of "duration" doesn't have any influence on the behaviour; except when it's set
to 0 in which case again nothing at all happens (as expected). The value of "loops" does not
have any impact at all.
I used several different wav files and they all yield the same result.
I tried the sound task in all possible locations (inside an "init" target on which everything
else depends, inside its own target, at top level), and the result is always the same.
Running with -verbose and -debug didn't yield anything relevant.
For completeness' sake, I'm running on Windows XP SP2, with jdk1.6.0_10 and ant-1.7.1.

Summing up, without optional attributes nothing happens; with any strictly positive duration
it loops forever. As far as I could google and search this and other mailing lists, no-one
else has ever reported this problem. I'm at a complete loss, I think for the first time ever...
on what seemed like a simple and fun icing on the cake of finishing up a script, and d'oh!

Thanks in advance for any tips,
Best regards,

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