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From "Scot P. Floess" <>
Subject Re: Nothing to do <file-name> is up to date
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2008 13:48:27 GMT

Silly question...did you really want to name your file 
"<dest-file>.tar.bz2" or did you mean to do something like
"${dest-file}.tar.bz2" ????

I don't think you are doing the correct thing.  You delete 
<file-name>.tar.bz2, but are creating a <dest-file>.tar.bz2

Basically, it may be up 2 date and not recreating...

My guess is you really mean to do something like this:

<target name="zip-file">
     <delete file="${dest-file}.tar.bz2" />
     <tar compression="bzip2" destfile="${dest-file}.tar.bz2" >
         <tarfileset dir="." includes="${dest-dir}/bin/**" 
excludes="**/*.bat" filemode="755" />
         <tarfileset dir="." includes="${dest-dir}/bin/*.bat" />
         <tarfileset dir="." includes="${dest-dir}/examples/build" 
filemode="755" />
         <tarfileset dir="." includes="${dest-dir}/examples/**" 
excludes="${dest-dir}/examples/build" />
         <tarfileset dir="." includes="${dest-dir}/lib/**" />

On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, pm rao wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have added following code snippet into my build.xml. And i observed there
> is no zip (tar.bz2) file created after build.
>  <target name="zip-file">
>    <delete file="<file-name>.tar.bz2" />
>    <tar compression="bzip2" destfile="<dest-file>.tar.bz2" >
>      <tarfileset dir="." includes="<dest-dir>/bin/**" excludes="**/*.bat"
> filemode="755" />
>      <tarfileset dir="." includes="<dest-dir>/bin/*.bat" />
>      <tarfileset dir="." includes="<dest-dir>/examples/build"
> filemode="755" />
>      <tarfileset dir="." includes="<dest-dir>/examples/**"
> excludes="<dest-dir>/examples/build" />
>      <tarfileset dir="." includes="<dest-dir>/lib/**" />
>    </tar>
>  </target>
> I expect my build.xml present at <another-dir>/build.xml to compiles all the
> code in <dest-dir>/ and creates a tar.bz2 file in <dest-dir>/. But it is
> able to compile all the code and in the end when it is trying to create
> zip(tar.bz2) file. Its giving a message as:
> zip-file:
>      [tar] Nothing to do: <dest-dir>/<dest-file>.tar.bz2 is up to date.
> When I expect my build.xml present at <another-dir>/build.xml to compiles
> all the code in <another-dir>/ and creates a tar.bz2 file in <another-dir>/.
> it is able to compile all the code and able to create zip(tar.bz2) file.
> What i'm suspecting is that we need to set the option for "dir" in
> tarfileset. I have tried with as <tarfileset dir="<dest-dir>" but it didnot
> work. Could any one please help me out in resolving this issue.
> --
> Thanks & Regards,
> Mallik

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