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From "Andy Stevens" <>
Subject Re: trouble deploying using build.xml - <ant dir="${ejb.dir}" target="all" >
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 07:05:29 GMT
2008/11/16 ilango_g <>:
> I have a Java project in Eclipse and I am trying to build and deploy the
> project. Unfortunately my build.xml is failing  with two errors.
>     [echo] ##### Building ejb #####
> clean:
> compile:
>    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\i\workspace\RREJB\ejb\build
>    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\i\workspace\RREJB\ejb\build\classes
>    [javac] Compiling 1 source file to
> C:\Users\i\workspace\RREJB\ejb\build\classes
> build-ejb-jar:
>    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\i\workspace\RREJB\ejb\build\distribution
> C:\Users\i\workspace\RREJB\build.xml:69: The following error occurred while
> executing this line:
> C:\Users\i\workspace\RREJB\ejb\build.xml:56:
> C:\Users\i\workspace\RREJB\ejb\META-INF not found.
> Total time: 2 seconds
> ------
> Any assistance in helping me spot the error in my build.xml is appreciated.
> Should I post the build.xml or should I simply upload it here?

Well, the build-ejb-jar target or at least line 56 would probably be helpful...

Given the context (building an EJB jar for distribution), I'm guessing
it's doing something that expects to find an EJB deployment descriptor
in the META-INF subdirectory of your EJB sources and isn't even
finding that directory, much less the DD.  What J2EE version are you
developing for?  Do you actually have a deployment descriptor?  Does
C:\Users\i\workspace\RREJB\ejb\META-INF exist, and if not, does the
error message change if you create an empty directory of that name?
Are you able to run the script successfully outside of Eclipse with a
standalone Ant installation?

--  Open source java Sudoku creator

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