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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Making my JAR file include everything
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2009 08:23:21 GMT
On 2009-02-04, <> wrote:

> Hi,

> I'm using Ant 1.6 on Solaris 9.  When I created a JAR file, I'm
> trying to include everything in my base directory ("basedir") as
> well as an additional properties file ...

> 	      <jar destfile="dist/${nps-config-service-jmeter-jar}"
> 	        basedir="${build}"
> 	      	includes="${nps-config-client-file-location-properties}" />

> But this command creates a JAR file without the contents of the
> basedir.  If I remove the
> 'includes="${nps-config-client-file-location-properties}"' clause,
> then the contents of the basedir are included.  How can I have both
> the properties file and the contents of the base dir?

Use several nested filesets instead of trying to do everything in one

<jar ...>
  <fileset dir="${build}"/>
  <fileset file="${nps-config-client-file-location-properties}"/>

I'm not sure whether the file attribute of fileset works in your
(obviously dated) version of Ant, though.  you may need to try a few


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