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From Benjamin Calvot <>
Subject exec on devenv.exe does not output anything
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2009 11:38:32 GMT

Hi everyone,

I am running an Ant script from Luntbuild in order to build an Visual Studio 8 solution (set
of projects).
When I run "devenv.exe Complete.sln /build Release" from a command line I get the output of
the build in the DOS box, but when I run the same command with an <exec> task it does
not output any single line:

	<exec dir="${basedir}\Complete" executable="devenv.exe" failonerror="true">
		<arg line="Complete.sln /build Release"/>

I also tried to run a "cmd.exe /C devenv.exe Complete.sln /build Release" with <exec>
but the result is the same. Do you have an idea why <exec>, in this particular situation,
does not grab any output from the command? I have other <exec> in my build script (mkisofs,
cmd, cvs tag) and they all work fine regarding the output...



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