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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: Using mksant.jar in ant script
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 22:21:24 GMT

what you are missing is to add a <taskdef/> invocation in your build 
file to make the ant tasks contained in mksant.jar known to your build file.

mksant.jar probably contains either an antlib.xml file or a property 
file with the list of the ant tasks, and this must be referenced.

Additionnally, it would be cleaner not to put this mksant.jar inside 
ant_home/lib, but maybe in a lib folder below the location of your build 
file ?

So you would have something like that

<taskdef resource="org/mks/ant/antlib.xml">

You need to change the org/mks/ant/antlib.xml part, I do not know how 
this file is called in mksant.jar or if it even exists.

Doing a jar tvf mksant.jar or opening the file in Winzip or similar will 
give you an idea of what is in there (or reading the documentation)

Hope this helps,


NR031 wrote:
> Hi,
>       How to use mksant.jar file inside ant script. I want to connect to MKS
> to checkout modules. I placed this jar in my ant_home/lib folder. When i try
> to use the the tags  such as <sicheckout>, <sicheckin>.... in my ant script,
> it will show failed to create a task or attribute <sicheckout>. I am new to
> the ant script and need help.
> Thanks in advance

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