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From David Byrden <>
Subject Does the Ant launcher really want the whole VM to itself?
Date Sat, 12 Sep 2009 21:50:09 GMT

Am I correct in saying that ANT 1.7 has this limitation;
it requires full ownership of the VM?

I say this because of 2 things:
[1] It calls System.exit() which kills the entire VM. This is
    not desirable if another Java program calls Ant.
[2] It assumes that it was loaded by the bootstrap ClassLoader
   and won't work otherwise.

You're probably aware of [1]. There are calls to System.exit()
in both the Launcher class and the older Main class. We can
easily extend Main and change this behaviour by overriding a
method; somebody evidently thought this through. But the Launcher
class ( doesn't give us an
easy way to do this.

The documentation advises us to skip these two classes
and enter Ant in a different way from Java programs, but there is
so much code in them that it's easier to simulate a call from the
command line. And I need to do that for a special reason; my
command line is XMLSH, a Java program that loads Ant into its own VM.

Problem [2] is more subtle. On loading Ant, I see something like this:

" cannot be cast to"

The problem is in the Launcher class. It creates a ClassLoader to
load Ant, and it assumes this to be a child of Launcher's own loader.
That will be true if Launcher came in via the bootstrap loader, but it's not
always true.

But a simple change to one line of code will link these class loaders
correctly in all situations.

So I'm asking if I really need to replace the Launcher class to
make these changes, or has somebody found a better way?

David Byrden

David Byrden - IT-Dienstleister
Wien 1030

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