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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: antcontrib or antelope
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 06:02:59 GMT
Raja Nagendra Kumar schrieb:
> Hi,
> I see similar tasks from AntContrib and antelope.
> Which one is the right one and the latest one which is in having active
> development..
> Some of the tasks in both seem to be different in signature too.

= Release dates =
antcontrib 1.0b3 => Thu Nov 02 2006;jsessionid=BC467EDA2CE7413493FF7FD6AC8195F2
antelope 3.5.1 Tasks => Fri Jan 09 2009

seems like ant contrib development has stopped !?

According to =
The Antelope Project also provides a set of additional tasks that
provide functionality not found in the standard tasks distributed with
Ant. Work is underway to merge the Antelope tasks with the AntContrib

there's an intersection between both but the merge is not completed yet.

= Differences =
beside the tasks, Antelope provides a graphical user interface for
running Ant and a jEdit plugin, see description on =
As a stand-alone application, Antelope provides the ability to create
and edit Ant build files, the ability to run build file targets, and can
trace target and task execution in a quasi-debug mode. Output from the
build process can be captured to a file and/or to screen and performance
statistics can be gathered to guide optimization efforts.

= Problems =
when using the latest antcontrib 1.0b3 the assert task did'nt work for
me, whereas the assert of antcontrib 1.0b2 and the assert from Antelope
are working =

I would try both, many tasks are very similar, personally i prefer
antelope, because antcontrib development remains static.

btw.there's another great Ant addon you should take a look at
AntXtras, see =

Regards, Gilbert

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