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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Build Failed on Vista: File Not Found Error
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2009 14:47:46 GMT

please keep in mind that I have no idea what the tolven project is nor
what its build file contains.

On 2009-09-15, Ismail <> wrote:

> --- On Tue, 9/15/09, Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:

>> For some reason Ant wants to use a basedir containing a property with a
>> value it doesn't know and thus cannot expand.  Please note that
>> <project>'s basedir attribute is expanded before any task is run, so you
>> cannot refer to any properties except those defined on the command line
>> via -D or -propertfile (or Eclipse's equivalent whatever that is) or
>> system properties.

> Please find below a longer version of my dialogue with Ant:
> C:\>ant -buildfile=c:/tolvendev/tolven/build.xml createPropertiesFiles

>  Buildfile: c:\tolvendev\tolven\build.xml
>  createPropertiesFiles:
>  BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 0 seconds

so it is not the basedir of c:/tolvendev/tolven/build.xml that is
causing problems.

> C:\>ant -buildfile=c:/tolvendev/tolven/build.xml clean-build-run-installer
>  Buildfile: c:\tolvendev\tolven\build.xml clean:
>      [echo] tolven: c:\tolvendev\tolven\build.xml
>  selectComponents:
>  clean-all:
>      [echo] tolven: c:\tolvendev\tolven\build.xml
>  clean:
>      [echo] tolvenInstaller: c:\tolvendev\tolven\installer\build.xml
> tolvenWS-clean:
> BUILD FAILED c:\tolvendev\tolven\build.xml:173: Basedir c:\tolvendev\tolven\${tolven.home}\tolvenClient
does not exist
> Total time: 0 seconds

Here I can only guess.  The [echo]s seem to indicate different build
files and my best guess is line 173 of c:\tolvendev\tolven\build.xml
contains a <ant> or <subant> task that is invoking another build file
that references ${tolven.home}.

Furthermore I can only guess that tolven's build system is expecting you
to specify the tolven.home property somewhere somehow.  My next guess is
this is documented somewhere by the person who's written the build file,
please go and read the documentation of said system.

> The tolven.home is C:\TolvenDev\TolvenTolvenClient is at
> C:\TolvenDev\Tolven\TolvenClient.

I'd rather assume the correct value for tolven.home to be C:\TolvenDev,
but that's guesswork.

> Are you suggesting I should replace the basedir attribute in the
> property file to literal path?

Which property file?

> I could try that and see but would prefer a better way as I would be
> changing similar path for many projects in the property file against
> advice by Tolven not to edit that file.

So Tolven will know how and where to correctly set the property - please
take a closer look at Tolven's documentation.


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