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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Build Failed on Vista: File Not Found Error
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2009 04:18:47 GMT
On 2009-09-14, Ismail Jibrin <> wrote:

> I am trying to build Tolven projects on Eclipse but got the following
> error.

> BUILD FAILEDc:\tolvendev\tolven\build.xml:173: Basedir c:\tolvendev\tolven\${tolven.home}\tolvenClient
does not exist

> I know the file c:\tolvendev\tolven\${tolven.home}\tolvenClient exists
> and there is no free space in the name.

You mean the directory is literally named
c:\tolvendev\tolven\${tolven.home}\tolvenClient including the $ and the
{ and } characters?  Or do you mean the directory exists if you mentally
replace ${tolven.home} with some other value?

For some reason Ant wants to use a basedir containing a property with a
value it doesn't know and thus cannot expand.  Please note that
<project>'s basedir attribute is expanded before any task is run, so you
cannot refer to any properties except those defined on the command line
via -D or -propertfile (or Eclipse's equivalent whatever that is) or
system properties.


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