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From Joe Schmetzer <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Ant Script Library 1.1.0 Released
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 17:43:57 GMT
2009/9/16 Michael Ludwig <>:
> Joe Schmetzer schrieb:
>> Version 1.1.0 of the Ant Script Library has just been released.
>> The Ant Script Library (ASL) is a collection of re-usable Ant scripts
>> that can be imported into your own projects. The ASL provides a number
>> of pre-defined targets that simplify setting up build scripts for a
>> new or existing project, bringing re-use and consistency to your own
>> Ant scripts. Refer to the project page at
>> for details.
> Very nice! I've started playing with it; three questions:
> (1) Would it make sense to add a target named "print-defaults" that
> prints out the directory layout ASL expects by default?

That would certainly be possible. We'd have to be careful, though
There are a huge number of properties that specifiy various
directories. Most of them are documented at . I think it would be
sensible to pick a subset of directories which are most likely to be
of interest.

> (2) Likewise, would it make sense to have a target named "setup" or
> "create-skeleton" that creates the directory structure as per the ASL
> defaults as amended by <property> overrides made by the user?

Once again, that would certainly be possible, and probably not hard to
do. In most cases where I've used the library, I'm adding it to a
pre-existing project. However, I like the possibility of letting
people start with this script, and then work from there.

> (3) There is probably a "lib" dir in most projects at some point, but
> not necessarily when starting out. Now when I run "compile", the build
> fails simply because there is no lib directory, which, however, isn't
> needed to compile the sources in the source directory. Would it make
> sense to remove this dependency on the lib directory for tasks that do
> not need it?

Good point. I'll make that change.

Thanks for the feedback.


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