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From <>
Subject AW: javadocs of specific classes
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2010 11:38:10 GMT
> 1. I have a project in which the directory structure is as follows
>         src/mpi
>         src/mpjdev
>         src/runtime
>         src/mpjbuf
> Now i want to generate the javadocs of src/mpi only. How can we do it?
> if i want that i want to exlude some files from the src/mpi  package.
> provide some snippets

   <fileset dir="src" includes="mpi/" />

> 2. Now after generating the "selected" javadocs of src/mpi, i want to
> one step further. There are many methods in the class of  which i
donot want
> the javadocs to be generated. Same applies for many fields. 
> What can i do in the source files so that the javadocs of only those
methods should get
> generated which i want and not of all the methods and fields....

JavaDoc generates the docs for a whole class and Ant just invokes the
JavaDoc tool from the JDK.
Therefore you cant configure Ant to select methods.

The simplest of not generating the JavaDocs is not writing the JavaDocs
comments ...
You could use /* instead of /** and keep the documentation for the
developers who have access to the source.

Another aproach is using a customized Doclet.
JavaDoc scans the selected java files and invokes a Doclet to do the
output generation. The Standard Doclet
produces the well known HTML hierarchy. But there are others (e.g.
generating PDF, LaTeX, ...).
And you can write your own.

With your own doclet you could introduce a marker-comment-tag like 
	@access developer|public
And in your doclet code you checks that value and otherwise delegate to
the standard doclet.


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