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From Robert Menteer <>
Subject Passing a list of files to javac
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 20:28:30 GMT
How can I get the javac task to use an existing fileset? In my build.xml I have created several
filesets to be used in multiple places throughout build file. Here is how they have been defined:

    <fileset dir = "${src}"
        id       = "java.source.all">
      <include name =  "**/*.java" />

    <fileset dir = "${src}"
        id       = "java.source.examples">
      <include name = "**/Examples/**/*.java" />

    <fileset dir = "${src}"
        id       = "java.source.tests">
      <include name = "**/Tests/*.java" />

    <fileset dir = "${src}"
        id       = "java.source.project">
      <include name = "**/*.java"             />
      <exclude name = "**/Examples/**/*.java" />
      <exclude name = "**/Tests/**/*.java"    />

I have also used macrodef to compile the java files so the javac task does not need to be
repeated multiple times. The macro looks like this:

  <macrodef name="compile">
    <attribute name="sourceref"/>
      <javac srcdir         = "${src}"
          destdir           = "${build}"
          classpathref      = "classpath"
          includeantruntime = "no"
          debug             = "${debug}">
        <filelist dir="." files="@{sourceref}" />  <-- email is about this

What I'm trying to do is compile only the classes that are needed for specific targets not
all the targets in the source tree. And do so without having to specify the files every time.
Here are how the targets are defined:

  <target name = "compile-examples"
      depends  = "init">
    <compile sourceref = "${toString:java.source.examples}" />

  <target name = "compile-project"
      depends  = "init">
    <compile sourceref = "${toString:java.source.project}" />

  <target name = "compile-tests"
      depends  = "init">
    <compile sourceref = "${toString:java.source.tests}" />

As you can see each target specifies the java files to be compiled as a simi-colon separated
list of absolute file names. The only problem with this is that javac does not support filelist.
It also does not support fileset, path or pathset. I've tried using <include name = "@{sourceref}"
/> but it treats the list as a single file name. Another thing I tried is sending the reference
directly (not using toString) and using <include ref = "@{sourceref}" /> but include
does not have a ref attribute.

I've done a search of this list and noticed another person with a similar problem. But while
it was discussed no solution was presented.

SO THE QUESTION IS: How do you get the javac task to use a reference to a fileset that was
defined in another part of the build file? I'm not interested in solutions that cause me to
have multiple javac tasks. Completely re-writting the macro is acceptable. Changes to the
targets are also acceptable provided redundant code between targets is kept to a minimum.

p.s. Another problem is that fileset wants a comma separated list. I've only done a brief
search for a way to convert semi-colons to commas and haven't found a way to do that.

p.p.s. Sorry for the yelling but some people are too quick to post responses that don't address
the subject.

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