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From Raja Nagendra Kumar <>
Subject Re: filelist to support selections as per the fileset
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 13:50:29 GMT

Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On 2010-04-13, Raja Nagendra Kumar <> wrote:
>> Any reason, why <filelist> does not support include and excludes as in
>> fileset.
>>The short version: Because they wouldn't make sense (well exclude
>>wouldn't and the nested include element just has a different name:
> ok. But I understand that filelist keeps the order of the files, where as
> fileset does not. In such senario, one could provide a series of patterns
> so that scan could happen in the same order of the patterns etc.
> And also, if <file> and include are similar, it would have been nice to
> support <include> too so that it is consistant.. I understand <file> has
> more options too. 
>><filelist> means: here is a list of files that may or may not be there,
>>return all of them don't check whether they are there at all.  No
>>wildcards supported.
> adding wildcards support  can enhance refactorings of location of these
> files. I use the wildcards for best support of refactorings. Such support
> of wildcards in filelist would add great value.
>>If you look at it this way, exclude doesnt make sense for <filelist>
> if wildcards support then exclude would make sense.
>>since you already list all files explicitly anyway.  If you need to
> filter the results, wrap the filelist in a <restrict>.
> True, but if include and excludes are supported like in fileset, it would
> be much more straight forward.
>> It would be very nice to have such support.
>>What would you use them for that you cannot do with the existing
> Would like to use wildcards so that my directory changes due to
> refactoring can be taken care better.


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