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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: Proposal to have an Ant task to resolve ecllipse projects' classpath dependencies at runtime.
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 19:45:39 GMT
-------- Original Message  --------
Subject: Re: Proposal to have an Ant task to resolve ecllipse
projects' 	classpath dependencies at runtime.
From: Ravi Roy <>
To: Ant Users List <>
Date: 07.04.2010 15:38

>>> Since people love Ant and also Eclipse being an standard IDE, I feel at
>>> times that there should be a Ant task which could read the .classpath and
>>> .project files and provide and kind of property which has resolved
>> classpath
>>> entries on which project depends on.
>>> This task would really reduce the pain to define the dependencies of the
>>> project which needs to be defined manaually in case dependencies gets
>>> changed / or added to the project's classpath.
>>> I hope this would further increase the Ant usage and people would really
>>> find it useful in their projects' dependency resolution.
>>> Thoughts ?
>> don't bother, see =
>> (formerly hosted on sourceforge =
> Thanks Gilbert, I was expecting a more loigcal reply in a positive
> approach,  if there are constraints or policy breach or licensing issues
> which prevents this  ? ;-) I am no one to bother you just a expectation and
> thoughts everybody can share with users / developers. I hope you would not
> take it personally ;-)
> Having a single task in ant core distribution does not harm, instead of
> polluting build scripts with taskdefs and memory overheads.

Hi, Ravi

sorry, you got me wrong, so i try to respond in a more
logical way ;-)

'Don't bother' is a common phrase/idiom in english, which
doesn't mean Don't bother me/us in the literal sense,
but something like:

don't inconvenience yourself
don't make any circumstances
don't trouble yourself

because is a mature project providing
a bunch of eclipse specific ant tasks ready to use
No need to roll your own :-)

There are no licensing or other issues i know of.
IMO a task, that is usable only with one of several major IDE's
is to specific to put it in ant core.
That should be part of projects like ant4eclipse.

OK, maybe you don't like the library dependencies ant4eclipse has =
antcontrib, ecj, org.eclipse.osgi
but that's business as usual in the java world, nearly everything
- and many ant tasks also - has it's dependencies.
Some call it the 'jar hell'  :->

If you need only part of ant4eclipse features and want to write
your own task, you may use the relevant parts of ant4eclipse sources as
base to start from.

Best Regards, Gilbert

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