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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject [antxtras] Turn off verifying content on start ?
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2010 09:06:09 GMT

Using antxtras anyone ?

Env = antxtras 2.0.1, ant171, jdk 1.6.0_18

My antscript imports some files with macrodefs right on start via
<import>. Some of these macrodefs  have attributes that contain
properties as desfault value, f.e.
attribute="someattr" default="${someproperty}

When those macrodefs get called later in ant workflow, such properties
are set in the meantime, but i have to import my macrodefs right
at the beginning.

Whereas ant doesn't complain at all, antxtras is logging messages
like that =
Unable to find property value for '${someproperty}'
Unable to completely resolve the property "${foobar}".

After checking the sources =
line 99-100 :
/** Property to control whether AntXtras tasks verify content on load. **/
    public final static String STRICT_SCRIPTCHECK_PROP=

i tried with =

<project name="project" default="main">
  <property name="jware.antxtras.strict.scriptcheck.enabled" value="off"/>
..... value="no"

and ant -Djware.antxtras.strict.scriptcheck.enabled=off

 but it didn't work.

How to get rid off those annoying messages ??
(It's ok when using ant -debug)

Regards, Gilbert

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