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From David Weintraub <>
Subject Re: missing ant-starteam.jar
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2010 17:22:34 GMT
First, you have to get ant-starteam.jar which may require that you
build it. You might be able to get it from StarTeam itself since
they'd be most interested in maintaining this. They may have even
defined their own ant tasks which probably work better than the
standard ones.

Then, you can put this jar inside the $ANT_HOME/lib directory.
However, I find it better to put the jar as part of the project (like
in an antlib directory in the root of the project) and then use the
<taskdef> to define a classpath to this directory. That way, not
everyone has to install this jarfile in their Ant installation.

I get leery whenever someone wants to define version control tasks
inside their build.xml. It usually means that you're doing something
"wrong". Sometimes, this is used to store built jar files inside the
version control system for other projects to share.

Instead, you should be using something like Nexus or Artifactory to
store built jars and have other projects retrieve them from there.
And, you can use Nexus and Artifactory to give developers access to
the third party jars you need, so they don't have to be stored in the
repository either.

Yes, Nexus and Artifactory are Maven repositories, but you can easily
use them for non-Maven projects too. In fact, Ant has a subcomponent
called Ivy that gives Ant based projects access to these other

Other times, there is an attempt to update a "version" file with the
latest version number. There's really no need to do this either.
Simply create a copy of the file with the correct information and
include that in your build. Then, make sure the "clean" target wipes
it out.

Version control tasks shouldn't be in your Ant script. After all, you
can't get your build.xml unless you use an outside command to fetch it
from your version control system anyway. Updates and commits should be
done via the version control system and not something that could
accidentally get done via your build.xml script.

If you use CruiseControl, it is sometimes necessary to do the update
via your build.xml script, but Hudson allows you to separate out your
version control fetch from the build.xml script which is one of the
main reasons I recommend Hudson over CruiseControl.

Think of it this way: If you need to update your version control
system, you don't want to have to update all of your Ant scripts too.

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Thibadeau, Daniel
<> wrote:
> How do you use tasks that are moved to the Sandbox?  Is there a way to rebuild the ant-starteam.jar
from those Sandbox files?
> All that are there are the *.java files.  What about the documentation, test/build files,
> Using Google to try to put this all back together I found references to a manual for
this task.  I found an old copy at:
> Also, I found patches on the Ant dev mailing list archives as late as September 2009
and there are still bugs listed in the Bugzilla report:
>    |47995|New|Nor|2009-10-14|StarTeam: The 'StarTeam exclusive lock' option
>    |47996|New|Nor|2009-10-14|StarTeam: addUncontrolled option doesn't work     |
> so is there a central spot this is being maintained?  Where?
> Dan T.
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> Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 4:04 AM
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> Subject: AW: missing ant-starteam.jar
> The StarTeam tasks moved to Sandbox in 2007 to remove external tasks where we dont have
the software for development/test from the core.
> Jan
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>>Von: Thibadeau, Daniel []
>>Gesendet: Montag, 13. September 2010 17:25
>>Betreff: missing ant-starteam.jar
>>I am trying to use Ant with our StarTeam implementation.  I've
>>found documentation that says Ant supports StarTeam, but it
>>seems the ant-starteam.jar is missing from the Optional Tasks.
>>This gives a 404 error:
>>The only thing I found when doing a search for StarTeam on the
>> web site is some "Checkstyle Audit" and Sandbox pages:
>>Is this no longer supported?
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David Weintraub

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