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From farheen_khan_87 <>
Subject Ant - continue the target execution ,even if one target completes
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 07:07:35 GMT
I'm using ant(parallel method) to run my suite parallel. I have one  target
which has a list of sequential and parallel ant calls ..I have parallel ant
calls embedded within sequential. After one sequential ant call which has 2
parallel ant calls in it. execution stops. Next sequential ant call is not
taken.Is there a way to cause Ant to not quit even if one of a target
completes? For instance, several targets may execute, and if the first one
stops,selenium will freeze.All the other testcases which are running
parallel in other target stops. How to make ant to continue executing other
targets,even if one completes. I tried giving -k at target level , but no
use. We have failonerror set to true .does that matter? 

Below is my build file

<target name="startServerRC" depends="startServerhub">
        <echo>Starting Selenium Server...</echo>
        <java jar="${lib.dir}/selenium-server-standalone.jar" fork="true"
            <arg line="-port 5555"/>
            <arg line="-log log.txt"/>  
            <arg line="-firefoxProfileTemplate"/>
            <arg value="${lib.dir}/ff_profile"/>
            <arg line="-userExtensions"/>
                <arg value="${lib.dir}/user-extensions.js"/>
            <arg line="-role node"/>
            <arg line="-hub http://localhost:4444/grid/register "/>
            <arg line="-maxSession 10"/>
            <arg line="-maxInstances=10"/>

    <target name="init" depends="startServerRC" >
        <delete dir="${classes.dir}" />
        <mkdir dir="${classes.dir}"/>

    <target name="compile" depends="init">
            classpathref="classpath" />

    <target name="CItarget">    
            <antcall target="compile"/>
              <antcall target="run"/>
              <antcall target="run_PSDATA"/>
                <antcall target="run_PreData"/> 
                <antcall target="run_DFPPulls"/> 
                <antcall target="run_AdTechPulls"/> 
                <antcall target="run_AppnexusPulls"/> 
                <antcall target="run_FTPPulls"/> 
                <antcall target="run_OASPulls"/> 
                <antcall target="run_GDFPPulls"/> 
                <antcall target="run_FreewheelPulls"/> 
                <antcall target="run_ThirdPartyPulls"/> 
        <antcall target="run_PostData"/> 
                <antcall target="run_Sales"/> 
                <antcall target="run_Administration"/> 
                <antcall target="run_E2EPartner360"/> 
                <antcall target="run_Sales"/> 
                <antcall target="run_Finance"/> 
                <antcall target="run_Loaders"/> 
                <antcall target="run_Accounts"/> 
                <antcall target="run_Adops"/> 
                <antcall target="run_Alerts"/> 
                <antcall target="run_CustomFields"/> 
            <antcall target="stop-selenium"/>

my target is CItarget, 
              <antcall target="run"/>
              <antcall target="run_PSDATA"/>

soon after executing compils,run and run_psdata module, execution stops.
 <antcall target="compile"/>

again we need to re trigger, by commenting above lines.

How do i resolve this issue..Thanks in advance

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