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From Earl Hood <>
Subject Bug or Behavior Change: stderr and stdout lost in 1.8 with <java> task
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 22:22:06 GMT
I recently upgraded to Ant 1.8.4 from 1.7.1.

I have noticed a problem with how stderr and stdout is handled in 1.8
compared to 1.7.1 for the <java> task.  I have something like the

    <java classname="com.example.MyCommand"

The program normally outputs diagnostics to stderr.

I have ant invoked with the -e and -q options.

Under 1.7.1, this output was shown, but in 1.8.4, nothing is shown.  If
I remove the -q option or use the -v or -d options to ant, the output is
shown, along with a bunch of other stuff I normally do not want to see.

If I add the attribute logError="true" to the <java> task, the output
shows as expected, at least for stderr.  Any output to stdout is still

It seems -q now affects programs executed by Ant.  Is this behavior
intended?  Is there ability to have Ant code be "quiet", but programs
executed still have stdout and stderr print?


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