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From Gilles Querret <>
Subject ZipFileSet and Selectors
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 12:32:02 GMT
Good morning,

Sorry for double post, I thought this email address was subscribing
Ant user. I'm not sure if non-subscribers can post messages, and if
answers were already sent, I didn't receive them.

I have a problem working with ZipFileSet and selectors, and I don't know if
my syntax is wrong, or if this is not supported by Ant.

If I have a directory filled with text files, I'm able to use :
<copy todir="target">
  <fileset dir="source">
    <contains text="some_string" />

However, if I create a ZIP file from "source" directory, and execute :
<copy todir="target">
  <zipfileset src="">
    <contains text="some_string" />
I always have the full content of in target directory
(contains selector doesn't seem to be executed).

Is this the expected behavior ? Is there another way to achieve that ?
I've only found one entry in Bugzilla ( ), but that
doesn't anwser my question.



Riverside Software
15d route de Bellevue • 69440 Mornant • France
Mob : +33 662.525.532

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