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From Cyril Sagan <>
Subject "Cloning" macrodef
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2013 20:15:10 GMT
I had previously posted a question asking about macro scoping, I thought
the community might be interested in my solution, perhaps the Ant experts
can tell me how dangerous of a hack it may be?  (I'm on Ant 1.7.0, and
cannot up-rev)

First, restating my question:
    Subject: "scoping" for macro definitions?
    Is there a way to override a macro defined from a library I cannot
    control, my goal is to provide a local implementation, but not have to
    change all the callers.

I got close with <presetdef/> but I couldn't find the way to call "super"
on the macro, until I used to add a
new macro definition with a second name.  The complete working example
follows should anyone wish to comment:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<project name="solution" default="testcase">
    <!-- would be in separate file and imported:  <import
file="library.xml" /> -->
    <macrodef name="routine">
        <attribute name="arg" />
            <echo>Arg is @{arg}</echo>

    <!-- utility to duplicate macro definition -->
    <scriptdef name="duplicateMacroDefinition" language="groovy">
        <attribute name="existingName" />
        <attribute name="newName" /><![CDATA[

        String existing = attributes.get("existingname");
        String newName = attributes.get("newname");

        ComponentHelper helper =
        AntTypeDefinition m = null;

        m = helper.getDefinition(existing);
        if ( m == null ) {
            log("Cannot get definition of ${existing}");
        else {

    <macrodef name="local_routine">
        <attribute name="arg" default="" />

            <echo>Run local logic first, maybe change param and call common
            <common_routine arg="OVERRIDE" />

    <target name="setup">
        <!-- make second name of common routine to avoid infinite loop -->
        <duplicateMacroDefinition existingName="routine"
                                  newName="common_routine" />

        <!-- permits "override" of library routine so we can add logic -->
        <presetdef name="routine">
            <local_routine />

    <target name="testcase" depends="setup">
        <!-- all existing calls are "fixed", make sample call -->
        <routine arg="old" />

        <!-- If we need original one... -->
        <common_routine arg="use this"/>


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