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From Michael Durket <>
Subject Ant build from source instructions incorrect?
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2014 22:52:26 GMT
I'm attempting to build Ant 1.9.3 from the source distribution on Redhat Linux 5 using Oracle
Java 1.7.0. It seems to build correctly but fails the post-build tests with this error message:

error: package org.junit does not exist.

From my research, this seems to be a common issue in general with Ant.

Here are the exact directions I followed (from this page

"As of version 1.7.0 Ant has a hard dependency on JUnit. The fetch.xml build script will download
JUnit automatically, but if you don't use this you must install it manually into lib/optional
(download it from if you are using a source distribution of Ant."

Since I don't have an ant that works with fetch.xml, I went to as indicated in the
instructions and downloaded junit.jar and copied the file to apache-ant-1.9.3/lib/optional.

Given that the instructions for building Ant are incorrect, could you please post the correct
instructions to your website so I could build the current version of Ant please?

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