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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: module naming syntax
Date Tue, 14 May 2019 06:48:25 GMT
On 2019-05-14, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> On 2019-05-14, Jaikiran Pai wrote:

>> On 14/05/19 11:48 AM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>>> On 2019-05-14, Jaikiran Pai wrote:

>>>> I don't expect the module name's front slash to be replaced with a file
>>>> separator.
>>> Ant does, I'm pretty sure.

>>> The type of <java>'s modulepath is an Ant Path and as such each entry is
>>> treated as a file name and the usual file separator suspects are mapped
>>> to their OS specific versions.

>> From what I understood of Glenn's mail, I thought he was talking about
>> the "module" attribute which is a name, unlike the modulepath, which as
>> you rightly note is a "path".

> No, from Glen's original mail

My fault, it is about the -m switch, sorry.

>> As far as I understand of the java command line, the -m option which
>> specifies the module[/mainclassname] should be taken literally without
>> any file separator conversions.

> Somewhat agreed, the logic in ClasspathJava#setModule contains some
> special cases, but yes.

It is more complex. COmmandlineJava's setModule ends up calling
Commandline's setExecutable which will translate file separators. This
is what we see in action here and what is a bug.


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