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From Glenn Burkhardt <>
Subject module naming syntax
Date Tue, 14 May 2019 00:37:16 GMT
I'm puzzled about which utility should be more flexible about the module 
naming convention.  With Java 11 from OpenJDK, I notice that

     java --module-path=jaxb-ri/mod -m -d out -p generated 

works as desired, but

     java --module-path=jaxb-ri/mod -m\ -d out -p 
generated.armisxml Schema_Specification.xsd

does not (only difference is the use of '\' and '/' in the module name).

When one tries to use a Java task in 'ant', it translates the forward 
slash to a backward slash, e.g.,

   <java fork="true" modulepath="axb-ri/mod" 
                 <arg value="-d out"/>
                 <arg value="-p generated"/>
                 <arg value="Schema_Specification.xsd"/>

Running 'ant' in verbose mode, it shows that the argument "-m\" is passed to the Java 

So, which program should be more flexible?  I haven't found a 
specification of what the module name specification should be. But the 
OpenJDK Java program requires that a forward slash be used.  Should 
'ant' not translate the forward slash into a backslash?  Or should the 
OpenJDK Java program accept either one?

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