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From "Mgr. Janusz Chmiel" <>
Subject please why ANT do not support latest Java JDK
Date Sat, 17 Aug 2019 11:26:19 GMT
I AM very sad, that perfect tool Ant is not compatible with latest Java 
JDK from Oracle. This force developers, who want to build project to use 
Java 8 or even Java 7 X if somebody want to build Android apps by using 
previously created classes generated by Free Pascal compiler.
This have The following very sad development results.
It is not possible to use Android target 26, because Even Android target 
25 is not so compatible as it should with Java compiler from Java 7. 
JavaC report some bug. Produced .dex file work but it is not as it 
should be. Google Play refuse all .apk files, which donot have Android 
Target for Android 6.0, lover versions are not supported.
And several years later, it will be big problem.
I know, that Pascal users are very low frequent. Many developers prefer 
Android studio or Java and Kotlin. But I Am visually impaired with no 
sight at all. Only Pascal units, which have been created for Free Pascal 
compiler Android JVM target allow developers of Pascal to create GUI 
with no need to specify GUI object positions values in Pixels or by 
using Dips. Because I do not see and I AM not mathematic science, I can 
not develop my own mathematical formulas myself which will replace 
seeing perception and so I would be able to specify object position 
values myself while develop in Android Studio.
And if The situation with ANT and Java from Oracle will not get better, 
Pascal apps created by using Free Pascal compiler, JVM Android mode 
target will be not published on Google Play, because Google will 
increase Android target again and again. I do not think, that Open JDK 
for Windows newest version will produce usable .dex files.
I Am not professional to develop my own .class files builder to .dex 
which will support newest Java from Oracle myself.
I do not know, if Free Pascal classes can be converted to .dex file by 
using Gradle and converting apache ANT project to Gradle will be very 
probably not be trivial task.
Any advice is very very welcomed.
Please keep in mind, that it is really not trivial approach to develop 
builder, which will force Dex tool to merge and join Classes produced by 
Free Pascal compiler, if user want to call Android RTL header 
AndroidR14.INC or other. Only Apache ANT in combination with one Java 
older version can manage to do that without Dex tool to crash and apps 
are usable.
Thank you very much for yours advice.
With warmest regards.
Janusz Chmiel

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