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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Classpath generation (migrating from old to new)
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2020 12:25:42 GMT
On 2020-03-24, Pennington, Dale wrote:

> The particular issue is the classpath generated. On the old system, the classpath included
all the local user defined .jars, as well as a large number of jars from /usr/share/java,
that were not specified in the build.xml file. The new system only has the local user defined
jars. This leads to issues because we needed at least one of the /usr/share/java jars.

> My question is : Why did Ant 1.7 include these jars ? 

It probably depends on how you have installed Ant. There used to be rpms
not built by the Ant team that included a forked and modified version of
the "ant" shell script.

Also the ant shell script sources a few files if they are present, in
particular /etc/ant.conf if and only if ANT_HOME points to
/usr/share/ant or is unset. This is a relict of said forked shell script
that we - in part - merged back.

Also the shell script has a few special cases in "rpm_mode" which is
enabled by an env variable and only does something if certain other
pieces are installed on the OS.

All the CLASSPATH building is done inside of the script, you wil
probably find which differences in environment cause the different

If you want to provide system wide behavior you probably can do so by
adding things to LOCALCLASSPATH environment variable. Probably best by
doing so in /etc/ant.conf while leaving ANT_HOME unset.


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