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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 48739] New: large.bin and buffer.bin laying around after test on win32 and ??
Date Sun, 14 Feb 2010 04:21:12 GMT

           Summary: large.bin and buffer.bin laying around after test on
                    win32 and ??
           Product: APR
           Version: HEAD
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows XP
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: APR test
        AssignedTo: bugs@apr.apache.org
        ReportedBy: lists@glewis.com


My build folder is over 100 gig (didn't know why), during a backup I happened
notice a file taking forever to copy named large.bin in the folder
apr-1.4.2/test/lfstests. I stopped the backup and investigated and found 4 such
files in the test/lfstests of APRs 1.3.11, 1.3.12 & 1.4.1 as well as 4
buffer.bin files in same said test/lfstests all totaling 64 gigs. This could
eaily eat up my 200G backup drive since I am half way there now.

The files show up as 8GB on the hard drive

 Directory of E:\build\apr-1.3.12\test\lfstests

02/13/2010  02:40 AM    <DIR>          .
02/13/2010  02:40 AM    <DIR>          ..
02/13/2010  02:40 AM     8,589,934,592 buffer.bin
02/13/2010  02:40 AM     8,589,934,605 large.bin
               2 File(s) 17,179,869,197 bytes

Windows XP SP 2 & 3 
VC 6 2003R2 SDK
VC 9 Express SDK

This seems to be a problem in the Windows build system for 

As far as I can tell a nmake clean would remove at least the lfstests\large.bin
file if done from the command line cause I see the file listed in $(CLEAN_DATA)
in makefile.win, this still seems to leave buffer.bin behind. makefile.in has 
$(CLEAN_TARGETS) targeting both, lfstests/*.bin. I however am a lazy win32
builder and use the ide which is where the problem seems to lie, the projects
seem to not clean either of these files when clean is run at the ide. In fact,
nothing seems to clean out of LibR, Release and lfstests in my VC6.

Regardless of clean (at least make clean) in the build system, if 2 files 
are being generated the os thinks are 8 gig monsters each, wouldn't it be 
better being dealt with as soon as the files are done being used which is after
test_buffered on line 366 of test/testlfs.c and not be left behind to rely on
n/make clean et al to hopefully remove these files on any platform? The files 
can just be created and removed again if need be so I am proposing doing just 

see attached patch, it works on Win32 in APR 1.3.12 with no warnings or
failure. Propose committing to trunk and backporting to 1.3, 1.4 & 1.5 provided

If all else fails, fix the win32 build system and I'll just have to remember 
to clean. I cannot however think of any reason to keep them around unless there
is a problem at which point comment out these two calls to apr_file_remove to
leave the files for post build inspection.


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