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From "Apmail-httpd-cvs-archive" <>
Subject Cum And Look Like A P0RN STAR!!!!!!!! mesosphereemigrants
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 09:21:08 GMT

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<br><b><font face="Verdana">Increased Se.xual Desire &
<br><b><font face="Verdana">- Shoot Out Amazing Amounts Of
Spe.rm Everywhere</font></font></b>
<br><b><font face="Verdana">- Multiple Extreme Orga.sms!
Have 2 Or 3 Each Time.</font></b>
<br><b><font face="Verdana">- 100% Mon.ey Back Guar.antee
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<p><b><font face="Verdana"><font color="#FF0000"><font size=+1>EJACU.LATE
LIKE A P0RN STAR</font></font></font></b><u><font face="Verdana"></font></u>
<p><b><u><font face="Verdana"><font color="#FF0000"><font
size=+2><a hrefadvantagehref= href=

"">MORE INFO HERE</a></font></font></font></u></b>
<p><font size=-2><a hrefbansheehref= href=

"">no more emailz</a></font>

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