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From Jennifer Machovec <>
Subject Re: Importing SourceForge code that uses ASL
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 02:26:42 GMT
Scott Eade wrote:

> A while back someone apparently forked the Jakarta Turbine JCS project 
> to a SourceForge project ( to fix some 
> bugs and to simplify the code base by reducing the scope of the 
> functionality it provides.
> The SF project is listed as being ASL.  The LICENSE.txt file in the 
> most recent release (0.7) is ASL 1.1 (Jakarta commons variation), but 
> about 2 weeks ago this was updated in cvs [1] to assign the copyright 
> to a specific individual (Greg Luck) and the attribution to:
> *       "This product includes software developed by Greg Luck
> *       ( and contributors.
> *       See
> *       for a list of contributors"
Greg's EHCache program appears to be a derivative work of JCS, and as 
such the copyright attribution should not simply have been changed to 
him.  I would recommend that ASF contact him to ensure that the original 
copyright notices are remaining intact in the work.

> The license included in the source files was updated at the same time.
> There is renewed interest in JCS and someone has offered a patch [2] 
> that ports all of the bug fixes in Ehcache back to JCS but I am 
> wondering if there is anything special we need to do to legitimise 
> this code.
Based on the information available in SourceForge and the postings on 
the jakarta list, this looks like considerably more than a patch IMHO.

> I am suggesting we do the following:
> 1. Update JCS to use ASL 2.0, as is required anyway.
> 2. Apply the patches and note the Ehcache attribution in NOTICES.txt
> Is this the correct approach? 

I think the best option might be to ask Greg and the other SF 
contributors to sign a CLA (and the project committee would then perform 
the review and due diligence ordinarily conducted on contributions).   
The SF notice would be unnecessary if the CLAs were executed.

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