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From Graham Charters <>
Subject Re: Running TCKs on our code
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 09:48:53 GMT
FYI, the modernization did happen and I think that has helped a lot in
simplifying the running and writing of the compliance tests.  I agree,
that if it's too painful we shouldn't do it, but if it's not, then I
think there's a lot of value in running them against the code and
understanding whether or not we pass.  Some of the Compliance Test
suites are pretty comprehensive and would help with test coverage.

Regards, Graham.

2009/10/2 Niclas Hedhman <>:
> On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 2:38 PM, Guillaume Nodet <> wrote:
>> Good question. AFAIK, that's the same problem than with specs and TCK
>> are only available to members but I may be wrong.
>> I'm sure David has the answer ...
> I am not sure about the TCK for EEG specs, but the Core+Compendium TCK
> was a PITA to use and required a fair amount of 'patience', since the
> 'deliverable' is bundled with the RI in the test rig. When I left the
> Alliance, there were some talks about modernizing the TCK rig, but I
> have no info if this has happened or not.
> What I am trying to say; "Running the TCK at ASF" may sound simple,
> but I think it is not, and better be left for the interested
> individuals to do so. And Certification is (IIUIC) not required unless
> we want to say it is "Certified Implementation of ..."
> Cheers
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