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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Who has write access to Aries blog (was: Re: Aries Blog)
Date Mon, 02 Nov 2009 14:51:28 GMT
2009/11/2 Kevan Miller <>:
> I've seen several requests for blog access from non-Aries committers. How
> would the community like to handle these? Limit to committers, only? Require
> an ICLA to be on file?
I think 'ICLA on file' for blog posts as long as anyone with an ID can
post a comment. In addition, it would be good to allow anyone
(non-ASFers included) to be able to comment on blog posts, but I
wouldn't want to allow anonymous posts. That said, to enable
non-ASFers to comment they would need an ID and it seems hard to get
an ID created. Can Roller be configured to allow anyone to create
their own ID?


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