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From Alasdair Nottingham <>
Subject Re: Mbeans for Blueprint
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 23:38:38 GMT

I haven't had a chance to look at the code, but based on the email
archive I agree with using the openmbean open type capabilities.

I know this is different from the approach you are taking, but I would
have a single MBean for each BlueprintContainer service instance. This
MBean should allow the metadata to be queried. This way we can update
the the JMXAgent being created under ARIES-29 to register the MBeans
when a BlueprintContainer is registered.

There is a discussion on geronimo mailing list about tracking the
events. I am not sure why you need to do this, and I'm not sure why an
EventAdmin MBean would be needed for this. If you register a
BlueprintListener the blueprint container is required to replay the
last event for each bundle. This would only get the last event, but if
that is a failed event then that is useful for debug.

I assume geronimo will be using the blueprint implementation in aries,
perhaps we can look at providing some form of API for an MBean to use
to get more useful debug information.


2009/11/18 Rex Wang <>:
> Hi, Dear Aries Devs,
> I am Rex from Geronimo Community. Currently, we are working on defining a
> couple of MBeans to track Blueprint bundles. You know, in RFC-139 there is
> no such contents designed for that, but blueprint is a really important
> component in osgi framework, and we need leverage such MBeans for remote
> management in future geronimo. We also did a quick look on karaf and spring
> dm, but not find them using mbeans to manage the state of blueprint. So I
> hope the works we are doing are helpful as a complement of RFC-139.
> Jarek and Guillaume remind me Aries project is a more appropriate place to
> host such MBeans, so I would like to raise such discussion here and
> contribute our jobs to Aries if it is welcome :-)
> I put our jobs to my sandbox in Geronimo svn temporarily:
> That is the current definition of the blueprint MBeans, and we try keep the
> code style consistent with other services in RFC-139. There are also some
> initial discussions in geronimo, so if you are interesting on the topics,
> please search the archive of geronimo mailing list. We have started the
> implement work, but I think before we go farther on the road, the comments
> from your guys is really important to us. Thanks in advance.
> Best regards!
> -Rex

Alasdair Nottingham

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