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From Bartosz Kowalewski <>
Subject Re: Apache Aries presentations
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 21:22:47 GMT
Hi Holly,

I took a quick look at the wordassociation app and I think that it is
definitely more suitable for a live demo than the blog sample that you
showed during the GeeCON conference in Poznan last month :-).
I have one minor comment to this sample. In order to make the pre-demo
set-up shorter, you could use the same approach to preparing DB as it
is now used in the blog sample. Both the JDBC and the JPA version use
in-memory Derby DB and schemas are created at runtime.

A general comment to presentations on Apache Aries and OSGi Enterprise
(this is not really related to live demo):
Maybe it's just me, but I like seeing comparisons and I like to be
told that if I start using something, my life will be easier :). Aries
examples show realistic architectures and they show the power of
Aries. However, for people that haven't tried implementing such
applications in pure OSGi (without OSGi Enterprise) it might not
obvious that OSGi Enterprise is really that useful and makes using
OSGi easier :). I'd also show some sample applications doing the same
thing in pure OSGi and using Aries, i.e.:
- Java code with service trackers and service registrations vs.
Blueprint with its definitions
- Java code with various tricks (like thread context classloaders,
etc.) required to use JPA vs. JPA in Aries that could be used cleanly
without the need to use tricks, integrated into Blueprint, etc.

Best regards,

2010/6/1 Holly Cummins <>:
> zoe slattery wrote:
>> Hi - I just discovered that there are quite a few people talking about
>> Aries over the next month. I've summarised what I know about here
> .
>> Please let me know if I've missed anything!
> Further to that, I've attached a patch for a new demo application to
> ARIES-321. I've also included a script with instructions for coding it up
> from scratch in front of a live audience. The idea of the application is
> that it's small enough to write from scratch, but complex enough to show
> meaningful Aries patterns, like servlet service access and JPA injection.
> Hopefully it will be a useful aid for people presenting Aries. I haven't
> actually tried it in front of an audience yet (that happens June 8th), so
> it may need revision after that depending what works in front of a crowd
> and what doesn't.
> Feedback would be very welcome, either from people who've tried demoing
> the application, or people who've looked at the code and concluded I'm
> demonstrating a set of anti-patterns!
> Holly
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