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From zoe slattery <>
Subject Re: Website navigation
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2010 11:47:17 GMT
Hi Graham
> Hi Zoe, I've just given it a go on IE, Firefox and Chrome.  On IE and
> Chrome, the menus appeared expanded when I loaded, but a reload made
> them disappear. 
I think that's expected, you will need to refresh the first time.
>  They then did not expand on IE, so I think it's
> broken on IE (but no worse than previously).
That's problematic. Searching finds this:

"IE/Win only allows the :hover pseudo-class to be applied to a link — so 
the li:hover that makes the sub-menus appear means nothing to IE"

The same article has some Javascript to work around the issue, a version 
of this could be added to space.js. However, I don't have (MS don't 
supply) a current version of IE for the Mac and so I have no way to test 
it. I wouldn't know where to begin setting up a test website on Windows 
either, ....any volunteers to fix for IE?
> One other observation is the submenu font is quite small.  Would it be
> possible to make it a bit larger, and perhaps reduce the gaps between
> the menu items?
I can change the font easily - I'll look for ways to change line 
spacing, shouldn't be hard :-)

> Regards, Graham.
> On 7 July 2010 08:06, zoe slattery <> wrote:
>> Lin Sun wrote:
>>> Thanks Zoe!  What you are proposing is certainly much better than what
>>> we have now.
>> Thanks Lin.
>> The style sheet is checked in and appears to be working (thanks Guillaume)
>> as I intended it to. I still need to add sub-menus for most of the stuff on
>> the navigation pages and then refresh the navigation pages for the whole
>> site. While I'm doing that it would be really useful if people would just
>> check that this works with the browser that they are running - in particular
>> IE. Other comments/suggestions for improvement would also be welcome :-)
>> Thanks, Zoe

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