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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject Re: Website navigation
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 14:23:14 GMT
On 6 July 2010 12:58, zoe slattery <> wrote:
> Alasdair Nottingham wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm not sure of the right solution, but I do not like the current
>> simplified navigation for the website. For me it feels more cumbersome
>> when navigating around the site. It has added an extra level of
>> indirection, and an extra mouse button click between the front page
>> and the content. However I agree what we had before wasn't very good
>> either. So I'm wondering if we could do something like:
>> 1. Do something like the service mix website where the children of the
>> top level headers are bunched up together more closely. I think we
>> should be able to do this by updating the sites CSS.
>> 2. Perhaps we could use a mouse over to expand the sub menu as you
>> mouse over the heading in the navigation.
>> I think the first option is probably easier than the second, but I do
>> think we should look getting the key subpages back into the main
>> navigation.
> I spent some time yesterday experimenting with sub-menus in JavaScript and
> with style sheets. I think that the easiest was to do it is with
> modifications to the style sheet and some corresponding modifications to the
> wiki layout. I didn't like the JavaScript solution was working out. I have
> something on my local machine that creates a sub-menu on hover which looks
> like this:
> To get this I had to make changes to a local copy index.html - the next step
> would be to make the corresponding changes on the the Wiki and check that
> confluence exports something equivalent to my local changes. If it does then
> I can check in a modified stylesheet that creates sub-menus.
> wdyt?

Looks great to me. Go for it.


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