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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Question on release process?
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 14:22:54 GMT

Hi Zoe,

You shouldn't need to release the parent or eba-maven-plugin if they 
haven't changed.   However, we will need to update the project poms so 
that they are dependent upon the 0.1-incubating version rather than the 
0.2-incubating version of parent/plugin.

Actually, if we do need want to release only a subset of the projects 
and the parent and/or plugin have changed we may need to release the 
parent/plugin before we can release the individual projects.  I'm not 
sure if the maven release process can handle dependencies being 
concurrently released if they are not all part of the same release-prepare.

Can you share the list of projects that have changed?

Also, can you share a list of the differences between the release 
repository and our downloads page?


On 8/13/10 9:51 AM, zoe slattery wrote:
> Hi
> I have all the fixes we need in the 0.2-incubating-RCx branch. Now I
> have a question about the next step of the process.
> The next step is to run 'mvn release-prepare' I think. As we don't want
> to release everything I believe I have to run it several times in each
> of the projects to be released, so, from the top level of the checkout:
> cd parent
> mvn release-prepare
> cd ../eba-maven-plugin
> mvn release-prepare
> cd ../blueprint
> mvn release-prepare
> Is this correct? Do I need the parent & eba-maven-plugin steps if
> nothing has changed in them? I've tried comparing what is already in the
> release repository here:
>;releases with
> the bundles we make available for download and they don't quite match :-)
> Zoƫ


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