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From zoe slattery <>
Subject Re: Question on release process?
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 15:23:05 GMT
Hi Joe
> You shouldn't need to release the parent or eba-maven-plugin if they 
> haven't changed.   However, we will need to update the project poms so 
> that they are dependent upon the 0.1-incubating version rather than 
> the 0.2-incubating version of parent/plugin.
> Actually, if we do need want to release only a subset of the projects 
> and the parent and/or plugin have changed we may need to release the 
> parent/plugin before we can release the individual projects.  I'm not 
> sure if the maven release process can handle dependencies being 
> concurrently released if they are not all part of the same 
> release-prepare.
> Can you share the list of projects that have changed?
The list is:

util, in fact everything :-) While I was looking at the source tree I 
also noticed that 'quiesce' appears to be a new top level project, if so 
I guess that needs to be released too.
> Also, can you share a list of the differences between the release 
> repository and our downloads page?
In the repository but not listed as a download are:
default-parent, java5-parent, parent, testsupport and web.

I guess that it is because there is nothing to download for (at least 
some) of these. It may be that we have to release new levels of parent, 
default-parent, java5-parent each time. In any case I can't see that it 
would do any particular harm to do so. I can't see why web and 
testsupport are there. If no-one knows I would leave them out :-)


> Joe
> On 8/13/10 9:51 AM, zoe slattery wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have all the fixes we need in the 0.2-incubating-RCx branch. Now I
>> have a question about the next step of the process.
>> The next step is to run 'mvn release-prepare' I think. As we don't want
>> to release everything I believe I have to run it several times in each
>> of the projects to be released, so, from the top level of the checkout:
>> cd parent
>> mvn release-prepare
>> cd ../eba-maven-plugin
>> mvn release-prepare
>> cd ../blueprint
>> mvn release-prepare
>> Is this correct? Do I need the parent & eba-maven-plugin steps if
>> nothing has changed in them? I've tried comparing what is already in the
>> release repository here:
>>;releases with
>> the bundles we make available for download and they don't quite match 
>> :-)
>> Zoƫ

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