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From Alasdair Nottingham <>
Subject Re: Aries web site
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 22:37:57 GMT


On 4 Nov 2010, at 22:17, Jeremy Hughes <> wrote:

> On 4 November 2010 21:07, zoe slattery <> wrote:
>> Hi Jeremy
>>> It would certainly be nice to make the process in
>>> 'maintainingthewebpages.html' quicker / easier.
>>> I just took a look at the cms stuff, only briefly mind, so I may have
>>> missed something. It seems it is a view on the web site files checked
>>> into SVN. So this might be useful for changing our CSS page, but not
>>> when we change the content in confluence. Or were you thinking of
>>> moving off Confluence?
>> Yes - you've missed something :-) The web site content is in SVN - which is
>> great because it means that all the things that we'd like to do like putting
>> the TCK results on the web site automatically become easy.

This sounds good as we can publish javadoc too.

>> When the web site
>> is in cms there is a beautifully simple way to edit pages, commit the
>> changes, stage and publish.
>> This does move us completely away from Confluence and the need to have
>> separate IDs to maintain the web pages. But support for Confluence will go,
>> so we we have to move sometime.
>>> Given that the Aries Incubator status page is a single xml file and
>>> the Incubator web site can be modified in cms, I thought I'd give cms
>>> a go. After logging in with my Apache ID I was able to edit aries.xml
>>> in my web browser. I couldn't find a way of building the site though.
>>> When you checkout the source for the web site you make your changes to
>>> the xml, run ant and check in both the xml and the built html. It
>>> wasn't clear to me how I could drive this process of building the site
>>> before committing the changes (via cms) into SVN. Also, I have
>>> questions about the potential storage of my Apache ID's password in
>>> the cms application (which presumably it would need in order to do the
>>> SVN commit when I click the commit link).
>> You won't be able to edit the site till we move it into cms - that's the
>> JIRA that I said needed to be raised.
> I wasn't trying to change the Aries site on
> ... I was trying to change
> (the source is aries.xml in SVN). The project that page is a part of
> is in the main Incubator web site space in SVN and I do have commit
> privs to that. Despite that, I got the error below. It uses Forest -
> which generates html from xml and AFAIK there aren't any wysiwyg tools
> for that. What authoring tools are available for a site where the
> pages are checked into SVN? What would be interesting is to get an
> idea of is what other projects are going to be doing given that
> confluence is going to go. Sounds like cms is part of the solution,
> but the only authoring capability seemed to be text edit of files in
> SVN.
>>> When I did click the 'commit' link and entered a comment for the
>>> commit I got this error:
>>> RA layer request failed: Commit failed (details follow):: Server sent
>>> unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to MKACTIVITY
>>> request for '/repos/asf/!svn/act/e95f17b0-1be8-df11-bbbc-001d0968836a'
>>> at /usr/local/cms/webgui/lib/ASF/CMS/Wc/ line 67
>>> So, for me, at the moment there are more questions than answers.
>> I think the answers would be more obvious if you could see the editing
>> capabilities. I guess I could do a camtasia and make it available - it's
>> really hard to explain in email. I think I want to get the Aries content
>> into cms - there is no risk in this (unless you are planning massive updates
>> to the web site?) then I can write some instructions which people can run
>> through.
> Great idea.

+1 since I have made several updates in the past I really want to understand the new system.

>> We just also talked about having a Wiki for the projects that are moving to
>> share best practices. I will put that up on the Apache Wiki in a day or so.
> Cool. I'm all for finding a better way to author / publish the website
> - having project doc in SVN means we can release it along with the
> code as well as host it on the web site. It's just that the cms light
> bulb hasn't switched on for me yet.
>> Zoe
>>>> Zoe
>>>>> Thanks
>>>>> Alasdair
>>>>> On 3 November 2010 19:04, zoe slattery<>
>>>>>> Hi all
>>>>>> I just had a 15 minute tutorial from Joe Schaefer on how to use the
>>>>>> Apache CMS. It looks really nice - much better than the Confluence
>>>>>> ->
>>>>>> Website process that we have now. The next step to moving to it is
>>>>>> raise
>>>>>> a JIRA to get our content moved to the new system.
>>>>>> As there will likely be a few website updates to be done if we graduate
>>>>>> it
>>>>>> seems to make sense to move the site at the same time.
>>>>>> WDYT?
>>>>>> Zoe
>>>>>> I'm happy to handle the move and write a 'how-to' for the new system.

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