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From zoe slattery <>
Subject Re: Aries site
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 22:00:05 GMT
On 06/12/2010 21:48, Jeremy Hughes wrote:
> On 5 December 2010 14:29, zoe slattery<>  wrote:
>> I've done most of the site conversion, the only real pain was the downloads
>> table. I suspect there are still a few more links to fix.
>> The site is here:
>> and there is a README explaining what I have done so far and some brief
>> instructions for checking out and building the site is anyone wants to do
>> so.
>> I had thought that we should swap to using this on graduation. However, if
>> we are going to do a 0.3 release in the near future I'd like to switch over
>> now. The main reason for this is that I don't want to go through converting
>> another set of downloads pages.
>> If we do this the next step is to get the site checked into CMS. So, does
>> anyone object to switching over in the near future?
> We can't drop the 'incubator' logo and disclaimer from our site until
> we graduate. So I'm ok with switching before we graduate as long as
> those are left in. Alternatively, wait to switch until we've
> graduated.
Sure - I have left all the incubator stuff in as I wasn't sure about the 
timing. I've asked Joe to move it into CMS.
>> Zoe
>>> On Nov 29, 2010, at 8:04 AM, zoe slattery wrote:
>>>> Hi all
>>>> I'm some way into converting the Aries site to use the new CMS. The new
>>>> site is checked in here:
>>>> For the moment I have left the *.cwiki files because I'm finding them
>>>> useful for reference - but they will get deleted later.
>>>> The only reason that I've even checked it in now is that, although the
>>>> bulk of the conversion is done,  the conversion script hasn't handled links
>>>> properly in quite a lot of places. This means that I still have a lot of
>>>> checking and fixing up to do.
>>>> One question: Given that I have to fix so many links anyway I'm inclined
>>>> to remove 'incubator' everywhere - that would mean that we only use this
>>>> site if/when we graduate. WDYT?
>>> That seems reasonable to me.
>>> --kevan

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