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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: CDI annotations in OSGi
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2012 10:04:54 GMT
That would be ideal of course. Does anyone know if openejb could be used 
for this?

I found this page which shows how to use openejb in OSGi:

and I found an interesting thread:

So this sounds like it would work but not that nicely. You have to 
require the openejb bundle and you have to use an Activator.
Ideally I would like this to work like blueprint. Where you have an 
extender that finds the trigger (META-INF/beans.xml) and initializes the 
bundle accordingly.
Additionally it seems that openejb seems to have some dependencies on 
eclipse RCP bundles which is not good for a server deployment.

I also do not see how it works together with OSGi. Like offerings 
Stateless Session Beans as OSGi services or injecting OSGi services.

So I see two ways how aries could make this better:

1) Provide an extender that initializes openejb when it finds the 
trigger file. This would make EJB deployments as bundles easier
2) Add CDI support to blueprint so the annotations can be used together 
with a blueprint context

I think both ways could be interesting but they are as far as I 
understand quite separate. Of course it would be great to bring OSGi and 
blueprint on the one side and Java EE on the other side nearer together.
I am not sure though if and how this is possible.


Am 25.03.2012 11:19, schrieb Jean-Baptiste Onofré:
> Hi,
> it could be a good addition in Aries. I just wonder if it's not 
> already covered by OpenEJB.
> Regards
> JB


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect
Talend Application Integration Division

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