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From David Bosschaert <>
Subject JNDI log messages
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 09:52:50 GMT
Another email about logging ...

During the integration of the Aries JNDI component in our project we
hit an issue with the log messages emitted from

Specifically the following block (there is a second block just like
this one too):

try {
  OSGiInitialContextFactoryBuilder builder = new
  icfBuilder = builder;
} catch (NamingException e) {""), e);
} catch (IllegalStateException e) {"",
getClassName(InitialContextFactoryBuilder.class)), e);

In our case the InitialContextFactoryBuilder is already set, so there
will be an IllegalStateException, but this is totally harmless in our
case. It's fine to log an INFO message, but we don't want the
exception to appear at this level, as that gets people worried,
therefore, would it be acceptable to change the log message to
something like this?"",
getClassName(InitialContextFactoryBuilder.class)), e);

So that the message is still logged at debug level but the exception
only appear at Debug level?



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