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From Michał Woś <>
Subject pache Aries Annotations and @Transaction annotation
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 18:44:20 GMT
I encountered an issue while developing an osgi application. I used =
Apache Aries Annotations and marked methods with @Transaction =
annotations to have transactional aspect. It appeared that they cannot =
be used together. In order for @Transaction annotation to work we need =
to put <tx:enable-annotations/> in blueprint xml file. On the other hand =
in order to aries annotation to work we cannot have any blueprint xml =
files. Does it mean that we cannot mix those annotations together? For =
me it seems like a bug in apache aries annotations. Another limitation =
is fact that annotations cannot be overridden by xml files. We can use =
either annotation or xml configuration and this is not the way it should =
be. xml configuration should always take precedence over annotations and =
both xml and annotations could be mixed together.


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