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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Do we really need Quiesce support?
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2015 10:55:41 GMT
I understand the need to clean up but the OSGi BundleTracker should 
already provide all that.
We even already track these events in aries jpa.

So when a bundle is stopped or uninstalled then aries jpa can already 
clean up without the Quiesce API.
Interestingly in apache karaf we do not use the Quiesce API.

Can you describe what happens when we just uninstall a persisence unit 
bundle? Will the resources then not be cleaned up correctly?

Btw. One of our customers is facing this issue
Is this one of these problematic cases or is it just a bug that we can 
fix independently of the Quiesce API? The issue seems to be related to 
the jpa.container module as
it is independent of jpa.container.context. Unfortunately I was not able 
to find the root cause of it.


On 12.02.2015 11:25, Graham Charters wrote:
> Hi David/Christian,
> Here is what Mark wrote, that didn't make it:
> "Quiesce is about stopping a bundle gracefully prior to its uninstallation,
> which is why we've had no need to implement a 'restart' capability. We
> currently use Apache Aries quiesce within IBM WebSphere Application Server.
> It's used in a scenario where an administrator is replacing some of the
> bundles within a running application. The code has been in use in that
> product for some years now so yes, I'm sorry but we do have a definite need
> for the facility."
> Essentially, we use it to notify containers/extenders of bundles that are
> about to be uninstalled (prior to that actually being done) so they can
> perform house-keeping ahead of uninstallation being kicked off.
> Regards, Graham.

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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