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From <>
Subject XAJpaTemplate#txExpr call results in commit attempt after Exception is thrown. Bug?
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2016 15:06:49 GMT
[1] seems to be happening now after upgrading the latest Aries JPA 2.3.0
bundles available on maven. [2] shows my aries bundle list.

It appears that when the safeRollback call propagates down to the #finish call
in TransactionAttribute.REQUIRED that the call to TransactionManager#getStatus
does *not* indicate rollback and so a commit attempt is performed.
XAJpaTemplate appears to only set rollback if the exception that occurred
during the TX is either a RuntimeException or Error due to the logic in
XAJpaTemplate#shouldRollback. But if another type of Exception is propagating
then TransactionAttribute.REQUIRED#finish is going to try to commit because
the TX hasn't been marked for rollback.

I would think that any Throwable type should result in a rollback - not just
RuntimeExceptions and Errors. Perhaps XAJpaTemplate#shouldRollback should just
return true?

Does this make sense? Is this a bug?

I'm also not sure why the commit call results in the exception shown - I guess
somehow the thread-local transaction is lost due to the original exception. So
I'm wondering if XAJpaTemplate#safeRollback should log the incoming exception
to assist in the event the original exception is suppressed.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

-Matthew Pitts

java.lang.IllegalStateException: No transaction associated with current thread

g! lb aries
   ID|State      |Level|Name
   53|Active     |   50|Apache Aries JPA Container adapter for EclipseLink
   59|Active     |   50|Apache Aries JPA container (2.3.0)
   63|Active     |   50|Apache Aries JPA support (2.3.0)
   64|Active     |   50|Apache Aries Transaction Enlisting JDBC Datasource
   66|Active     |   50|Apache Aries Transaction Manager (1.3.1.SNAPSHOT)
   70|Active     |   50|Apache Aries Transaction Blueprint (2.1.0)
   71|Active     |   50|Apache Aries JPA Container API (2.3.0)
  114|Active     |   20|Apache Aries Blueprint CM (1.0.7)
  121|Active     |   20|Apache Aries Blueprint API (1.0.1)
  123|Active     |   20|Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java (15.0.0)
  125|Active     |   20|Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java (18.0.0)
  129|Active     |   20|Apache Aries Proxy Bundle (1.0.0)
  133|Active     |   20|Apache Aries JNDI Support for Legacy Runtimes (1.0.0)
  136|Installed  |   20|Apache Aries Web Url handler (1.0.0)
  143|Active     |   20|Apache Aries Blueprint Core (1.4.4)
  151|Active     |   20|Apache Aries JNDI Core (1.0.2)
  155|Active     |   20|Apache Aries JNDI API (1.1.0)
  158|Active     |   20|Apache Aries JNDI URL Handler (1.1.0)
  162|Active     |   20|Apache Aries Util (1.1.0)

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